Who Is Dave?

Dave McClintock

I’m Dave McClintock, a biz/tech writer/editor bouncing between Brooklyn and Manhattan. I’ve been a poet, a deacon, a cartoonist, and a post-punk/antifolk singer-songwriter. I’m one of those English majors with an unpublished coming-of-age novel. I hope to digitize my old cassettes and try stand-up comedy at some point.

By day, I’m a digital marketing manager at an Am Law 200 firm. Previously, I was the VP at an independent book publisher.

In 2000, I founded a freelance writing/marketing firm, Wordsupply.com, serving management consultants, book authors, and IT experts. In 2009, I earned my MBA at NYU Stern.

I love to help people share good ideas.

See my Portfolio page for some books I’ve helped publish and articles I’ve written for Entrepreneur and Computer Shopper.

Let’s also meet on LinkedIn, Twitter (@DaveMcClintock), Facebook, and Instagram.

E-mail me at david@wordsupply.com or call/text (718) 864-5080.

Why Blog?

This page is a conversation with myself, but I’ve posted it since blogs should be revealing and are allowed to be half baked. Maybe you’ve struggled with blogging or posting, too.

My reasons for blogging keep shifting. I’m using this list to track what motivates me. I may leave abandoned ideas here, as a record and likely placeholder for when I circle back to that thinking.

Newest thoughts at the top:

  • It’s important to keep independent publishing alive (however obscure).
  • If I don’t publish, how can anyone know who I am? On social media, silence signals nothingness. In real life, I don’t say much.
  • To publish is to exist.
  • Writing is thinking. Blogs make me think and challenge me to publish my thoughts.
  • Blogging lets me amplify works that I admire and open a conversation with creators and their fans. I’m still looking for my people.
  • Blogs are a relatively safe place to try new tech that I may be able to use at work. This keeps me sharp.
  • Blogging gets me into the fray, into the arena. Silence may signal a lack of interest or insight. I need to lean against my introverted instinct to silently gather info without interjecting my opinions and questions.
  • Blogging is publishing, and I miss my days in book publishing.
  • Blogging is shipping – I’m shipping products and producing, not falling back on passive activities like streaming-binging.
  • Blogging keeps me in content-hunting mode, an active relationship with the world.
  • Haters and those who would hold my writings against me are probably not important for my future. The keys to my success are held by a small group of special people.
  • Blogs are my sandbox for ideas (potential longer pieces, preferably at “real” publications) and for testing technology (the blog itself, graphics, video, email, social media, analytics, and so on).


Some blogs and sites (a.k.a. writers and thinkers) that have inspired me:

Dorset House Publishing
Gary Vaynerchuk
The Marginalian
PBS NewsHour
Point Lookout Newsletter
The Pragmatic Bookshelf Newsletter
PureSchmaltz Blog
Robert Christgau
Seth Godin
Swaine’s World
Wall Street Week
Washington Week with The Atlantic