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  • Music Break: Des Ark

    Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker by Des Ark Music break: From a 2011 release by Des Ark, an intriguingly lush, raw, dissonant, harmonious, humorous, ferocious band from North Carolina.

  • New Experiment: Wearing My Special Occasion Shoes Every Day

    In 1996 or so, my newly wed bride and I were invited to my boss’s husband’s 50th birthday party. We were excited. It was our first grown up party since our wedding, to be held in Ponte’s, a nice restaurant on Desbrosses, in Tribeca. I got a haircut, a new shirt, and a pair of…

  • Portrait of a Blogger by a Young Fan

    My daughter recently discovered this in a sketchbook – it’s a portrait of me from two years ago, when she was eight. Propped up with my laptop on a lap desk, I’m well stocked with news and candy.  She knows me well :o)

  • Here Comes the Sun – It’s Taking Initiative

    Three friends just had babies, two nieces and an honorary nephew had birthdays, two friends dodged an earthquake, and a friend with a wife and two kids just landed a finance job after a long post-meltdown stretch. Let’s keep that sun coming. Let’s keep it going. One friend just opened a new office for her…

  • Remembering the Real Mick

    My Grandpa passed away on January 12th. He would have been 96 yesterday. One summer, he played this song for me (Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called), in between some Tennessee Ernie Ford and country classics, while he drove me through my family’s hometown of Monticello, Indiana. Always up for hard candy, a snort of brandy, some…