Here Comes the Sun – It’s Taking Initiative

Three friends just had babies, two nieces and an honorary nephew had birthdays, two friends dodged an earthquake, and a friend with a wife and two kids just landed a finance job after a long post-meltdown stretch. Let’s keep that sun coming.

Let’s keep it going. One friend just opened a new office for her practice, and one friend left a giant company to co-found his own company – and was pleasantly surprised to win the giant company as one of his first clients! And one friend’s long-time dream start-up was just funded by investors. Woo hoo! 

I have to go on: One friend switched from real estate to filmmaking and is writing/directing/starring  in his own movie; one friend is finishing a two-year career plan to go work in China; one genius songwriter friend is posting her own videos to YouTube; one genius technical author friend is self-publishing his fiction; one genius painter friend is on the wagon and creating some of his best work ever …

Boy, you can see a lot once you start looking :o) I’m getting a boost just reciting their accomplishments. Actually, it’s not so much about accomplishments or good luck or things or money – it’s the initiative they’re taking. (Gotta tip my hat to Seth Godin on that.)


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