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  • Eavesdropping on Jeffrey Brown and James Corner

    Thrilled to eavesdrop on Jeffrey Brown’s PBS NewsHour interview with genius James Corner of Field Operations, at the High Line in NYC. I was too shy to ask for a selfie, but I snagged a few snaps.

  • Music Break: Des Ark

    Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker by Des Ark Music break: From a 2011 release by Des Ark, an intriguingly lush, raw, dissonant, harmonious, humorous, ferocious band from North Carolina.

  • New Experiment: Wearing My Special Occasion Shoes Every Day

    In 1996 or so, my newly wed bride and I were invited to my boss’s husband’s 50th birthday party. We were excited. It was our first grown up party since our wedding, to be held in Ponte’s, a nice restaurant on Desbrosses, in Tribeca. I got a haircut, a new shirt, and a pair of…

  • Portrait of a Blogger by a Young Fan

    My daughter recently discovered this in a sketchbook – it’s a portrait of me from two years ago, when she was eight. Propped up with my laptop on a lap desk, I’m well stocked with news and candy.  She knows me well :o)

  • Here Comes the Sun – It’s Taking Initiative

    Three friends just had babies, two nieces and an honorary nephew had birthdays, two friends dodged an earthquake, and a friend with a wife and two kids just landed a finance job after a long post-meltdown stretch. Let’s keep that sun coming. Let’s keep it going. One friend just opened a new office for her…

  • Remembering the Real Mick

    Remembering the Real Mick

    My grandpa passed away on January 12th. He would have been 96 yesterday. One summer, he played this song for me (Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called), in between some Tennessee Ernie Ford and country classics, while he drove me through my family’s hometown of Monticello, Indiana. Always up for hard candy, a snort of brandy, some…