Harry Dean Stanton "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"

Remembering Harry Dean Stanton at The Bottom Line

Rest in peace, Harry Dean Stanton.

Circa 1988, I worked the ticket booth at The Bottom Line Cabaret on weekends, during the day, while I was at NYU.

Stick thin, long-haired little weirdo.

One rainy day, the night’s band was loading in. Suddenly, in the little yellow ticket booth, Harry Dean was next to me at the counter. No big production – it was as if he had worked at the club for years. He was singing that night – I was instantly starstruck – but he seemed to want to see the world through my eyes.

Maybe he was slightly nervous – wanted to take it all in. Cubbyholes with stacks of tickets, cash drawer. Phone with punch buttons for five lines.

He was one of those few famous people who rather than project celebrity uplifted your own humanity.

(Among all the other performers at the Bottom Line, Herbie Hancock and Al Kooper also visited me like this. I’ll never forget them – or Harry.)


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