The Twitter-Site-Blog-Twitter Relay

I found myself wanting to share a video (below), but then realized that the pathway I took in discovering the video demonstrates the value of having a Twitter presence that’s coordinated with a Website presence.

In calling it a “relay,” I’m inspired by my daughter’s recent field day activities – slapping hands or handing off a baton as runners trade-off each leg of the race.

The first half of the Twitter-Site-Blog-Twitter Relay was run by the publisher; the latter half is in my court. Right now, I’m running the Blog leg.

Here’s the full case history …

I’m starting to Tweet on writing topics @Wordsupply, and @girlgetstrong4 followed me. So, I visited

Once there, I found this College Humor short showing an “unplugged” version of Twitter – walking around the city and shouting Tweets instead of texting:

So, I decided to return-follow @girlgetstrong4 and write this post. A Tweet will be the next leg of the relay …

And don’t forget the baton: Dan Gurewitch (@dangurewitch) and College Humor (@collegehumor). Dan has at least one new fan, and the relay race is free.


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