Dark Mode in Google Docs on Chromebooks: Color Inversion



For writers, facing a blank page is always tough. 

The blank page is a negative space—it sucks thoughts. It kills ideas. It’s like a black hole … but so white.

This morning, facing a bright white Google Doc page was beyond harsh.

Dark mode was not recognized by Google Docs in my Chrome browser.

I’m shy about loading extensions unless I really need to, but dark mode extensions do exist.

Instead, thanks to an answer in Google Docs Editors Help, I discovered the Chromebook’s Color Inversion setting.

Under Settings and Accessibility, the Color Inversion toggle reverses the display’s colors.

The color inversion creates a great dark mode in Google Docs, and a surreal x-ray effect on photos.

If the inversion gets too weird and you’re okay without it, go back to Settings or try the keyboard combo Search + Ctrl + H to toggle it on and off.


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